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Of Men and Their Mothers

All men have mothers is a hard truth that the newly unhyphenated Maisie Grey has learned the hard way. When she finally gets rid of the mama's-boy husband, and happily settles down with her teenage son, Tommy, she's still stuck with her irascible mother-in-law, a woman who never liked her, criticized her every step of the way, and yet, as Tommy's grandmother, refuses to exit the family stage gracefully. Read more


How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

Everything changes for Abby Randolph when she goes on Antiques Roadshow. She arrives at the crack of dawn carting a chamber pot left to her by her mother. She leaves cradling a valuable antique that once did service under the bed of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Suddenly her life is turned upside down. She's slapped with a lawsuit for possession of the chamber pot by her ex-best friend, the daughter of her mother's (female) lover. She's wooed by a reporter who may or may not be honorable. She's hounded by her past and the men she's determined to keep in the past. Read more


The End of an Error

Reissued in paperback in 2008!

Lee Emery has never forgotten Simon, the boy who stole her heart when she was eighteen and traipsing through Europe with her globe-trotting, eccentric grandmother. But that was twenty-five years ago. Since then she has been contentedly married to the man whose wide shoulders and unwavering affection were never more than a room away. Though her three children are leaving the nest, she's hunkering down in it—in the very house where she grew up, where her parents' bird books fill the shelves, where her job at the local college is a mile from her front door. Where everything is familiar and safe. Or so she once thought. Read more


Host Family

Daisy Lewis still wears jeans and sneakers, even though her son is a Harvard freshman. His departure for college less than a mile away turns the empty nest into a gaping hole. Henry, her husband, starts calling himself Henri and sprinkling his conversation with au contraire and mais oui. As for L'amour? Their once rumpled sheets are flat and cold. Daisy should have seen "it" coming. In a dispirited dive of a Japanese restaurant, Henry drops the news like a bit of rice off his chopstick: Their marriage is over. Kaput. Fini. Their model host family is anything but. Then, under surprising circumstances, Daisy meets Truman Wolfe, a Harvard parasitologist. Gradually, she starts to feel grounded again...until another international student lands on her doorstep and sets things ricocheting once more. Read more



Meet Katinka O'Toole. High school valedictorian. Radcliffe graduate. Published author. Ex-wife of a noted Joycean scholar. Writing instructor at Harvard. And in love. Struggling to make a living as a writer, the highlight of her day has become the arrival of the mail. Or, more precisely, the mailman. Yes, she hopes for an acceptance letter, but she also has a fierce crush on Louie Capetti, her gorgeous postal carrier, who she hopes will carry her away to romantic bliss. Read more

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